Thunder is a REST API that interfaces with a DynamoDB database to provide an easy way to create, update, fetch, and delete users. It provides many customization options, multiple client libraries, and easy deployment mechanisms using Helm and Kubernetes.


Lightning is another REST API written in Java. Lightning interfaces with social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in order to enable easy posting of statuses and media. Lightning was built for Pilot, and has the potential to be expanded to include many other social platforms and other methods.


JMail is a modern Java library for validating email addresses. It is faster and more correct (based on email RFCs) than other Java validation libraries. I also built a front-end website that allows potential users of the library to quickly test out the validation algorithm. This library is downloaded from Maven Central over 30,000 times per month and is used by the popular Email library simple-java-mail.

Other Open Source Contributions